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Titel / Title Staind 
Label Roadrunner 
Total run time
Vö/Release09 Sep 2011 
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I like Staind and „Dysfunktion was my favourite album from the band. Due to this I was actually happy to hear that the new self-titled album went along the same tracks. Unfortunately the album is missing out on originality and I had often the feeling that I knew the song already. The attempt to grasp onto old glories is understandable when a band like Staind has passed its prime. Doing a comeback with an album, which is an all-but-remake from Dysfunktion without the slightest bit of development…should be exactly what one needs for a comeback. Even the obligatory ballad isn´t really satisfying. Staind is recommended to everyone, who wants to listen to the album without any high expectations and to those, who don´t know Staind and want to listen to some Alternative Rock. Despite everything, Staind is the Alpha male in this sector and weakness within the vocals or instrumental know-how will never be a weak link within this band.

(translation: Ozzy Aikas)

Samira Alinto

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