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Titel / Title Reckless Till The End 
Label Nuclear Blast 
Total run time
Vö/Release16 Sep 2011 
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Visually the Italian quintet leans towards Sleaze Rock. The info sheet of the band states that they make Metal Core, but what I heard earns its own category. “Reckless Till The End” is peppered with electronic and Death Metal influences and occasionally has some Gothic effects, but sometimes itīs a bit too pop for my taste. That, however is the only bigger fault as the album has a definite undercurrent, itīs very melodic, it has the necessary hardness, itīs original and simply good. The singer, Danielle Nelli has a full, round voice and her shouts, growls as well as her clear singing fits like a glove to the kind of music the Tasters are doing. They have already produced two albums. As I have not heard the previous two, I cannot talk of their development, but their latest creation has everything to make it in this country. If I had to compare them to another band, I would have to say Bring Me the Horizon. It would be interesting to see if Tasters could produce that, which the album promises in a live show. In any case, you should listen to one or two songs as I recommend buying the album.

(translation: Ozzy Aikas)

Samira Alinto

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