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Titel / Title The Storm 
Label Frontiers Records 
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Only one year after releasing her debut album „Sign of Angels“, the Norwegian singer is back. Her new creation bears the title „The Storm“ and, compared to its predecessor, it has changed sound-wise a little bit. On the first two tracks „Looking for Love“ und „Please Hold On“, Isabell Oversveen showcases that she´s on the right way to get more ´bite´ into her music. I mostly criticised the last record because they wanted to sell pop songs as melodic rock. Unfortunately, just a few moments later, this argument pops up one more time. From the third song “Take a Stand” on, it´s back to Britney Spears and Co again. Lady Gaga has more rock in her voice than ISSA.

Still, the music is good but whenever it gets a bit heavier, Issa still sings the same way as on a ballad. I don´t want to say that she is a bad singer but she lacks that variability and power that a rock singer needs to have. But with a voice that sounds like every other pop diva it´s hard to buy her off the rock genre? At least I don´t quite get it.

Bottom line: Sadly, also with her second record, Issa couldn´t get rid of that Eurovision Song Contest image. A little bit more bite and rock like with the first two songs wouldn´t have been bad for the other songs either. Maybe it works out with the next record. Taking genre issues aside, “The Storm” is nevertheless a great record featuring a singer, who has a really nice voice. That´s why she gets 8 points.

Sandy Mahrer

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