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Titel / Title The Hunter 
Label Roadrunner Records 
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Ever had an earworm you couldn´t get rid of for days from a Mastodon song? No? You will now, when you listen to their new album „The Hunter“. Not sure whether the guys from Georgia are striving for another Grammy nomination or whether, freed from all the confines of a concept record, they simply wrote the new songs ´off the top of their heads´. One thing is clear, already with the second song and second single release “Curl of the Burl” Brent Hinds and Co. go to places they have seldomly gone before – writing catchy tunes. And “Curl of the Burl” stays no exception, song after song, the realms of harmonious vocal melodies is entered and explored, never abandoning the trusted paths of progressive metal, however, too much. Adult Orientated Metal, anyone? But Mastodon wouldn´t be Mastodon if there weren´t one or the other crrrrazy element. Like the song “Creature Lives” that first reminded me of a Christmas carol, somehow. And were there some Eastern-spiced influences, too? Anyway, compared to the last album “Crack the Skye”, which had a more psychedelic, spacey charm, “The Hunter” is way more down-to-earth. It´s well done, yes but are those tamed notes really what we want to hear from a band like Mastodon?

Kathleen Gransalke

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