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Profane Omen

Titel / Title Destroy! 
Label Spinefarm Records 
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Profane Omen have always been a band that I love to see live but don´t really listen to at home. Both for the very same reason, in fact - their relentless, unbridled energy simply fits the mosh pit better than the sofa. Their previous album, Inherit The Void, started with a beautiful acoustic intro that promised a more melodic approach, but the rest of the album was too hectic to make for a lot of repeated spins.

With the new release, Destroy!, it is fortunately the other way around. Introduced by the sound of a defunct piano thrown from a bridge (true story!), the short opener "A Force To Be Reckoned With" starts with a typically strong groove and a chorus in the spirit of the old live hits "God In A Bottle" and "Right To Retaliate". The following "Wastehead" continues along the same lines and "Predator" doesn´t stray far from that path either. But with "Feed On The Wasted", things start to get interesting, as Profane Omen finally remember to acknowledge the old wisdom that slowing down the tempo of a song - and adding a few clean vocals - may actually increase its impact, and in this case make it one of the highlights on the whole album.

"Escape/Traceless" is standard PO fare during the verse but offers one of their catchiest choruses to date, not to mention some of Jules Näveri´s deepest death growls at the end. The remainder of the album continues to demonstrate the versatility of his range. A good case in point is the next song, "Bad Dreams", which builds up layer after layer and culminates in an almost hysterical final chorus. My favorite of the whole album, however, is "Acedia", a powerful and poignant ballad very untypical of Profane Omen but all the more impressive. The last two songs return to the familiar mold; "Bound To Strive" is not particularly memorable but "Zombie Ride" grows to almost epic proportions and concludes in style what is clearly Profane Omen´s strongest album to date - although my opinion remains unshaken that this band is best experienced live.

Tina Solda

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