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Titel / Title Pottersville 
Label Janitor Records 
Total run time
40 min. 
Vö/Release11/ 11 / 2011 
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The "Berlin" rock band has struck again. Good things come to those who wait well, it's called - and was true in this case. After a few more years waiting time becalmed by a live CD, the latest Pothead-scion Pottersville rotates on the turntable. And starts - funky, yeah! My system was accidentally set on neighboring killer mode, but there was no reason to set the controls down. Fresh, catchy and crystal clear mixed shakes the sound the moths from the tapestries. A thing that bores direct into the depth of the ear. As always hopelessly nostalgic with the charm of an immortal yesteryear - as the fans love this band.

Unlike the last albums in which Pothead lacked in parts of their old bite, and “Tuv Luv” to “Rocket Boy” were not really able to build on the classics of the 90s, they have resorted back right into the pot. Grunge, blues, funk, rock, this mixture is boiled and served again spicy hot. Brevity is the soul of wit - and that's why every song feels again like distilled, concentrated slimmed down - psychedelic moments cast in short form. A kind of short shorts in music. Unaggressive, relaxed, entertaining, well-balanced, the boys have set all those sails, at which everybody can recognize this ship from afar, a real invitation to let this disc on thousands of German turntables drive in permanent rotation.

Shortly dissected: at the beginning definitely funky ("C'mon"), Brad brings out of his strings very unusual wah wah tunes to the fore - The Temptations´ "Papa Was a Rollin 'Stone" to be remembered, the solo trumpet in it become a finely drawn guitar solo. Chic part! The next highlight is "Rock On, Let's Rock" with a great guitar riff that runs drifting through the whole track, accompanied by guitar solos, somewhat reminiscent of Kyuss' Josh Hommes mode. After so much drive, followes with a quiet acoustic guitar, a melodic "Love In A Way," which is not unusual, as it is reminiscent of the old "Grassroots" album. Just made for the campfire in the living room, especially the following songs also remain rather soft and dreamy.

Well, if now somebody may think, funk, folk, blues, rock and cuddle is pretty - but does the album offer also some bold broadsides as "Black War" or "My Religion"? Such demand, uh, no. This CD is rather not to feed the desire of the hard rockers among fans. Brad has tried many new and exciting things, especially polished his short, brilliant solos, what will be a great pleasure for most. But some rather well-known stuff was taken from a baptismal font filled by sounds from the familiar range. The godfathers of these pieces present themselves among others, as Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, to cite the mega-known cliché comparisons. But these were only mentioned as a guide for those who so far - inexplicably - did until now not know the best German-American rock band on the planet.

2011 and this band has done a fine dinner, which unfortunately ends abruptly with a sensational beautiful "Little Dipper" and chirping strings with mandolin-similarity after 40 minutes of human era. Must it be so shortly, asks the Pothead fan who thinks and feels in his own era. Well: brevity is the... Bon Appetit!

Andreas Torneberg

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