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Leningrad Cowboys

Titel / Title Buena Vodka Social Club 
Label SPV 
Total run time
Vö/Release28 Oct 2011 
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There have always been comical bands from Finland, e.g Eläkeläiset- and this orchestra definitely is amongst them. This means that if one is to listen to the music, seriousness is absolutely forbidden.

The latest production from Leningrad Cowboys is a bit different. A lot of the music is straightforward Rock ´n Roll (“Rock ´n Roll Show,” “Gimme Your Sushi”); some is more Latin (“I Kill the Dog” and the Mexican porno disco track “Frijoles Y Lager”). Occasionally the song goes so deep into the genre that you can hear an all too familiar riff; for instance “Drill a Hole” sounds just like AC/DC´s “Let There Be Rock.” Plagiarism, homage or accident? Which ever the case, it is a lot of fun listening to. This being Leningrad Cowboys, there is obviously a touch of Russia too.

The record has quite a lot of guest musicians, almost all Finns. One amongst them is also the producer, Marzi Nyman, who is well known within Finland as a very competent musician as well as praised by the popular media as a genius within his field. Whether or not he is really that good is arguable, but it must be said that this record was really well done.

If you aren´t familiar with this band or their latest album, you definitely have to give “Buena Vodka Social Club“ a chance because there is a fair chance you´ll laugh your ass off with choruses like “Gimme your sushi, little Suzie…gimme your monkey and I´ll suck it!”

Ozzy Aikas

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