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Titel / Title Ulg 
Label Spinefarm Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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About 18 months after their last release Äio, those Estonian Pagan Metallers continue where they started off last time - only now it´s less camp fire and more Thrash and Prog, so to say.

In more detail - the tender harp sounds of Agu might be a bit deceiving as introduction, because the music focuses on tough Thrash sounds until Küü features a flute, later also bag pipe sounds come in and the rhythms get into a more gentle groove. Such complex structures go well with the sound of that band, though. Then Kivine Maa - also the single - offers everything of a real hit song: a highly catchy tune, just-the-right rhythm for headbanging, epic sound and - like the icing on a cake - on top of it the sound of a sassy Jewish harp. Yet after that the mood becomes more sinister, with the evil doomy gloomy Rabakannel, which is balanced with a beautiful acoustic instrumental Isata - a nice tune to be found here. Then it´s time to thrash the place once again - it´s getting rougher, slightly Prog and the male choir parts sound pretty grim and dramatic. Then Tormilind provides "typical" Pagan-Metal with catchy tunes and traditional instruments - has hit potential, also because the rhythm is headbanger-friendly in the chorus part. The final track could be described as "Lou Reed in Middle Ages" - almost entirely just sinister male voice and a lute, with a certain meditative touch.

Summing up, Metsatöll have developed their sound further, assisted by famous producers Mikko Karmila and Keijo Koppel, Pagan Fans won´t be disappointed.

1. Agu
2. Sõjasüda
3. Küü
4. Muhu õud
5. Kivine maa
6. Rabakannel
7. Isata
8. Kahjakaldad
9. Tormilind

Klaudia Weber

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