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The Search

Titel / Title The Search For Connection Contact And Community 
Label Danse Macabre 
Total run time
53:16 min. 
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From the land that sinks just now under darkness and cold, are the matching sounds: The band The Search presents their sixth production. Unmistakably Scandinavian music with a melancholy tune throughout, which isn´t heavy, but rather light and floating like the view through the iced window into the swirling snow. Swedish depressions from snappy beauty, while unpretentious and unpathetic.

The cover shows snow-covered, lifeless roofs hiding their inhabitants, topped with an overcast, gray sky. Loneliness and the search for contact in modern, networked times are the central themes - singer and guitarist Razmig Tekeyan writes critically observant poetry. His high, clear voice fits well with the music, but obviously he is not about to shine through a large bandwidth of variations. His singing style, highlighted with light reverb, runs without changes through the whole album. It is reminiscent of the earlier productions of The Nits with a little New Wave feel of the 80s.

Reflections about isolation spread their mood with a certain climate of monotony over the entire disc. Although catchy in a kind of “Indie-pop”, no dance music. Although little varied, the charm lies in the details. And the detail is a question of listening. The voice is pushed to the fore and confirms the importance of the lyrics, which is consistent and concentrated devoted to the subject matter as the music itself.

And what to do while outside the white silence spreads over the houses? Besides composing music, maybe to deal with Japanese horror mythology as "the woman with a split mouth", which is found as a song "Onna Kuchisake" on the new album, but musically it seems not much terrifying. As if Razmig would be less feared, but rather regret the solitude of the mutilated, masked creature.

Concluding to say that this record is neither aggressive nor happy, neither experimentally nor adapted. So it talks to those who may get caught by this special, unspectacular, but emotional and authentic atmosphere.

1. Silent Days
2. An Ounce Of Courage
3. Age Of The Hermit
4. From The Glass Jar
5. Jet
6. Manic Miner
7. Alone In A Space Shuttle
8. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
9. James
10. The Firm Conviction
11. Kuchisake Onna

Andreas Torneberg

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