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Titel / Title Darktimes 
Label Zip Records  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This Britsh band came into being in 2002, they toured with Devilish Presley and Joy Disaster, played live with e.g. Luna Vegas, Killer B Movie, Pyschocharger and Voices of Masada and got some singles into circulation. 2007 they caught a deal with the small US label Zip Records and released their debut "The Gong Show", album and single continue to receive club airplay. More club gigs and Goth/Punk festivals followed (e.g. Punk By The Sea 2011), and now it´s their second CD, which focuses pretty much on Alternative R´n´R Sound.

At least initially, but about a third of this album is rather holding up the Punk banner, and sometimes even Noise (Escape). There are also Stoner and 70s Psychedelic elements (Eastern Eye) and occasionally you have to think of Goth classics like Sisters of Mercy or Fields Of The Nephilim - not regarding sinister songs but this particular guitar sound. The quartet created some nice ear candy, Love You When You´re Dead or the ballad Kanada. The slightly Prog Tourniquet is probably my fave. Yet the ballad Remembrance Day gets on my nerves a bit - sounds too much like softened Coldplay and just drags on. All in all, a solid and recommendable album; it doesn´t knock my socks off, though.

1. Exit Existence
2. Love you when you’re dead
3. Kanada
4. Escape
5. Eastern Eye
6. Jesusphobia
7. Tourniquet
8. Remembrance Day
9. Enough’s enough
10. Basement Jack
11. Mosquitoess

Klaudia Weber

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