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Titel / Title Heritage of Satan 
Label Agonia Records  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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ROOT have been around since 1987 and are one of the very few Black Metal Acts that I totally like - because they are musically sophisticated, recognizable and original. This 9th studio album confirms once again my good impression of this Czech band that released milestones like "Hell Symphony" (1992) or the fantastic "The Book" (1999). They continue their particular style - an intelligent blend of Black/Dark/Doom/Extreme Metal, Punk and Prog plus ironic-theatrical elements.

Although the only founding member in the line-up, Big Boss (voc), must be older than 50, there´s no symptom of old age to find. He growls throughout the mysterious introduction as if he was the Master of the Underworld himself and shows his wide range of expression on this album once again: recitative parts, growls, opera-style clean vocals, and even "Evil Elvis" (Revenge Of Hell). Some chorus parts are immediately-sing-along-catchy (Legacy of Ancestors), others slightly strange and others completely sick.

Musically, as mentioned, there´s grooving Metal-Riffs (Revenge Of Hell, His Coming), brutal BM/DM bombardment (Darksome Prophet), icy Industrial atmosphere (Fiery Message), acoustic (but not very romantic) parts and Punk-Thrash (Greetings Of The Abyss), carried by the whole range of Mid-Tempo-Grooves to brutal blasts. Summing up - this is one of those albums that people who don´t like Black Metal can totally enjoy, too!

01. Introprincipio
02. In Nomine Sathanas
03. Legacy Of Ancestors
04. Revenge Of Hell
05. Darksome Prophet
06. Fiery Message
07. Son Of Satan
08. His Coming
09. Greetings Of The Abyss
10. The Apocalypse

Jiří "Big Boss" Valter - Vocals
Marek "Ashok" Šmerda - Guitar
Igor "Golem" Hubík - Bass
Pavel "Paul Dred" Kubát - Drums
Jan Konečný - Guitar

Klaudia Weber

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