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Guilty As Sin

Titel / Title Psychotronic 
Label unsigned 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Another self-released CD from this (mainly instrumental) Boston trio. Donīt get fooled by the atmospheric opener - the following "Destroyed Reptoid 1.0" has the tapestry peel off with merciless Hardcore blast beats and equally brutal vocals. The next tracks repeat the "tough and brief outbursts of brutality" pattern but are spiced up with melodic metal guitars or a brass tune - and are therefore fun to listen to. After "Boston Beatdown" that even comes with a sing-along chorus (well, sort of), Zak Ovoian (drums, vocals, Korg, Moog), Dan Mcadam (elec+acoust. guitars, Korg) and Ryan Dilberian (elec+acoust. bass) remember their love for instrumental tracks. "Addicted to Cyanide" presents the strength of this band, a capturing mix of different influences some Prog, some Thrash, some Hardrock, tied together by catchy Metal riffs and a nice groove. "Gobekli Tepe" offers an oriental melody and Metal riffs, which develops into a cool Jazz Saxophone solo. "When Machines Eat Flesh" can be characterized as Prog Metal - where Donald Duck appears shortly as guest vocalist. The title track, however, is totally different to it all - more than 12 min long and initially quite ok, a psychedelic synthie track, but then it becomes a bit too boring, especially when the last 2 min are just noise. A pity, because I liked this CD up to this point, and the guys have also put a lot of work into the cover design. Still - who wants something extraordinary, far from mainstream, musically sophisticated and slightly weird, is well-advised with this one!

Klaudia Weber

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