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Titel / Title Existing Unreal 
Label Noisehead / Twilight  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In 2005, this trio from Hungary formed. However, in contrast to the usual suspects from this region, Slytract don´t indulge in purist thrash metal – they rather prefer a mighty sound mix that is innovative as well as variable. Somewhere between aggressive groovy sounds, conclusive death metal and a pinch of thrash metal, Slytract really know how to write catchy, often noticeably minimalistic songs that are mostly played at a phat midtempo. It´s also positive that „Existing Unreal“ has a voluminous production especially when it comes to the guitars. Pieces like the already brilliant earworm “Shall they learn war anymore”, the crunchy “Millenary venus”, the fast-paced “My mist” or the cool and forwards pushing “Behind the closed” are even more upgraded by the great production work.

Conclusion: A very well done record, which doesn´t justify a recommendation yet but it makes you pay some attention to a band that could one day evolve into something extraordinary. It´s your duty to check them out already now!

Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler

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