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Titel / Title Saurusplaneetta 
Label Leka Production 
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Herra Saurus, Riffi Raffi, Komppi Momppi, Milli Pilli and Muffi Puffi are the names of those dinosaurs who make Metal music for children - and who has a slight deja vu going on here, is absolutely correct - SAURUXET is the "twin band" of Hevisaurus, why and how come you can read in our STALKER Special "Metal for kids".

SAURUXET are as successful as their "twins", because ”Saurusplaneetta” became Nr 2 in Finnish charts and their gigs are pretty much sold out until the end of the year.

As an adult you might have troubles to distinguish those two - well, the lyrics rather deal with space travel than Jurassic ages, and child-targeted topics like candy factories, treasure maps, princes and princesses or little green men. Musically they remain in the area of classic Hardrock / Powermetal, inspired e.g. by Europe´s Final Countdown. And the "target group" really enjoys that - Elviira, 4, and sister Hertta, almost 2, happily jump around on the living room couch. Indeed, their preferences are clearly towards "softer" Metal sounds (compared with the new Hevisaurus CD, REVIEW ).

The composers are e.g. Anderz und Elin Wrethow, Erik Lidbom, David Fremberg, Andrea Johansson Poets Of The Fall - Marko Saaresto and Jarkko Ahola (Teräsbetoni), most lyrics were written by Mirka Rantanen, the "father" of both Dino-acts.

... and let´s leave it there, because this CD will definitely be enjoyed by all (Finnish-speaking) kids and their parents for sure (therefore no rating).

Klaudia Weber

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