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Titel / Title Räyh! 
Label Sony Music 
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This is the oldest band in the world, because the band history begins about 65 Mio years ago, when Herra Hevisaurus (Tyrannosaurus Rex, vocals), Milli Pilli (Triceratops, keyboard), Komppi Momppi (Apatosaurus, drums), Riffi Raffi (Dragon, guitar), Muffi Puffi (Stegosaurus, bass) were frozen in a magic mountain and finally re-awakened in 2009 by a thunderbolt. Yes, this is about the Finnish phenomenon "Heavy Metal for children", and inside the costumes are e.g. Olavi Tikka (voc), Pasi Heikkilä (keys) and Nino Laurenne (git), and why they have the "twin band" SAURUXET howadays, you can read in our SPECIAL "Metal for kids".

The third album of the (current) market leaders in this genre features - just like the previous CDs - many high-class guest musicians, e.g. Ozzy Osbourne-guitarero Gus G., Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom), "Heavy-Ari" Koivunen, Jouni Hynynen (Kotiteollisuus), Nightwish-guitarrist Emppu Vuorinen, Amorphis keyboarder Sande Kallio, Stratovarius guitarrist Matias Kupiainen and the "Finntroll-Choir". Musically you´ll find everything between Hardrock and Speed/Thrash Metal (Kaksipäinen poliisi - Two-headed Policeman), a lot of melodies and also excoursions to oriental music and folk.

My impression as an adult - this CD is rather targeted towards the parents. I could observe reactions of the "target group" (Elviira 4, sister Hertta, almost 2): the music initiates enthusiastic jumping on the couch, but when it gets too tough like Thrash Death Blastbeat-ish, the interest goes Zero, they even start to play with other noise/music-making toys instead. As soon as grooving mid-tempo Power Metal returns with the SAURUXET CD the attention is again turned towards the music.

... and let´s leave it there, because this CD will definitely be enjoyed by all (Finnish-speaking) kids and their parents for sure (therefore no rating).

Klaudia Weber

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