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Titel / Title Disinformation 
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”Disinformation“ is the first full-length album from the two brothers Gabriel and Ivan Broggini. Even though the two guys hailing from Ticino already achieved some successes with their single „Without Identity“ - back then still under the band name InFinity – their first real studio album is released just now. For the ice hockey world championship 2009 in Switzerland, the two wrote one of the anthems and had the chance to perform their song „Shoot“ in front of ice hockey fans from all over the world at the Bern-Arena

„Disinformation“ features 11 songs that are somewhere between Rock/Alternative. Here and there, a few pop influences pop up too but they only give the sound a certain freshness that I miss with most bands from Switzerland.

With each song they prove that they know what they are doing when it comes to songwriting. Also Gabriel proves that he chose the right „instrument“ for himself. He sings variably and takes care that each song is a special adventure, not only for him but for the listener, too. I don´t wanna compare the guys with giants like U2 because their sound is just too diverse. But I dare to say that the songs have as much hit potential. The only problem is that they are not many people yet whon know the guys very well but this can quickly change. Be that as it may, “Disinformation“ has, in any case, something to offer for everyone. And, after only one listen, almost half of the songs have already burned into your musical mind for good.

In addition to the record, the Eurovision Song Contest Number „Unbreakable“ is also available as a single. The song was written especially for the ESC pre-contest in Switzerland and showcases a freshness that reminds of Placebo or bands like Muse and Coldplay.

Sandy Mahrer

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