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Beggars & Thieves

Titel / Title We are the Brokenhearted 
Label Frontiers Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Latest, since their performance at Firefest festival in Nottingham last year, Beggars & Thieves are back in the Classic Rock scene. In the beginning of their career, they were dogged by lots of bad luck, which even made them resign from their musical endeavours for a while. But now they are back - better than ever.

We Are The Brokenhearted has turned out to be a real master piece with many wonderfully catchy songs. Singer Louie Merlino convinces from beginning to the end with his voice, even though I believe that he doesnīt show everything he can. Bugt itīs still enough to make you want more. The band unites the good old Classic Rock with some new elements and this makes the sound way more modern and commercial. Isīs easy to notice that Louie and guitar player Ronnie Mancuso have spent some time working in the music business, composing jingles for Fox Sports and NESCAR. Writing songs in that style is not completely hidden on the album either. And so one could think that for example “Innocence“ is the new track for CSI Miami or something like that.

A successful comeback and I hope there wonīt be that much bad luck this time for the guys and they will, as a band, last a bit longer.

Sandy Mahrer

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