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Titel / Title Demented Brutality 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The land of a thousand lakes could easily be labelled "the land of a thousand Metal bands", too - and most of them are also pretty good. This can be said also in this case, a young act from Järvenpää, founded in 2008, but only in 2010 Kristo Sundström (vox), Joonas Lehtonen (bass, back vox), Sami Mäntylä (dr) sowie Kim Tuominen and Samu Pasanen (guit) decided to ditch Finnish and focus on English lyrics. Now they released their self-financed debut - and the title says it all. Trakooma mix (technical) Death Metal/Grind with Black Metal elements, and because they are Finns there´s a nice dose of melodies, too. Luckily, they also remember that constant high speed attacks can cause narkolepsia and put some groove into their acoustic onslaughts. This is the reason why I like "Hold Your Hate", "Lost and Confused" or "Conducting from The Grave" (catchy riff!) best, because those songs have a more complex structure and change tempi and moods. I have the impression that they haven´t quite found their style yet, but I suspect that you have to keep an eye (and ear) on this band...

Klaudia Weber

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