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Titel / Title Fragments Of Death  
Label Nuclear Blast GmbH 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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It´s always nice to hear from old acquaintances, like Italian/German Graveworm, especially when their 8th studio release Fragments Of Death turns out to be a real ear candy. The band behind founding members Stefan Fiori - vocals und Sabine Mair - keyboard still sticks to their trademark style - tough riffs and brutal beats meet hauntingly beautiful melody a la Gothic Metal. Here, they tend much more obviously than before to atmospheric-epic Black Metal (e.g. The World Will Die In Flames), and there are some Pagan influences to be heard, too. Front maniac Stefan´s evil growls still kick ass, and there´s also a female clean voice on Anxiety - a great song, by the way - but I could not find out who is delivering those distinctive dark-rough vocals. The only track sticking out negatively is See No Future - a bit too simple in terms of chorus, and then you hear it way too often...

Anyway, if you like a nice mix of hardness and melody somewhere between Soilwork and Amorphis, you can grab this one here. Yet I´m not sure if Graveworm will stick out enough of their colleague´s releases in the same genre...

01 Insomnia
02 Only Death In Our Wake
03 Absence Of Faith
04 Living Nightmare
05 The World Will Die In Flames
06 Anxiety
07 See No Future
08 The Prophecy
09 Remembrance
10 Old Forgotten Song
11 Where Angels Do Not Fly

Klaudia Weber

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