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Titel / Title The Greatest Hits on Earth  
Label Nuclear Blast GmbH 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Since the release of their first record „Synthetic Generation“ the five Swedes have climbed the ladder of success continuously. With their second work „Termination Bliss“ and hits like “Cyanide“, “Blitzkrieg“ or “Tongues“ the guys finally managed their international breakthrough. After three long years, record number three „Night Electric Night” saw the light of day – this was two years ago. To sweeten the fans´ time until the next musical outpouring of the Swedes, a best-of titled “The Greatest Hits on Earth”, including two previously unreleased songs, has been published.

The two ´new´ songs “Death is wasted on the Dead“ and “Metal“, for which they also did a video (link here:, however, don´t convince me fully. They sound way too much like the songs with which the Deathstars had their biggest successes. The sound, in usual Deathstars-manner, is still not bad. After this best-of we can just keep on hoping that it won´t last another three years until they release their next record. There´s only one questions that puzzles me. Is it not a bit too early, after just three records, to release a best-of record? Among the 16 songs there are as many as five from each of the previous two albums. But that´s certainly only a matter of “taste”.

Sandy Mahrer

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