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Santa Cruz

Titel / Title Anthems For The Young`n`Restless  
Web www.myspace.com/realsantacruz
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What do you do if you have given the debut EP of a band 10 out of 10 points although its production could have done "with a whiff of more bombast" and then they come along with their second EP and fulfil this point by three times? Ok, stupid question, but as a matter of fact I was just sitting there and thinking "Wow!" while I was listening to "Anthems For The Young`n`Restless" for the first time. Since then, it`s played on heavy rotation...

Already the opener starts with an energy that makes you think: "Let`s Get The Party Started!" That`s by the way also the title of the second track but let`s talk about "Over The Limit" first. Here, everything fits just perfectly: Intro, verse, chorus, backing vocals... Or in other words: Here are four guys who are not even in their twenties yet but know how to play Hard Rock in a proper way! And actually the age of Archie (Vocals and Guitar), Johnny (Guitar), Middy (Bass) and Taz (Drums) doesn`t matter if we ignore the fact that their sound, despite the old genre, is quite fresh. Yeah, the genre itself is mainly influenced by the 80s but if you listen to Santa Cruz, you hear right away that it`s not Hard Rock from the 80s; it`s rather something I would call "Modern Hard Rock". The guys themselves are talking about "Kick-Ass Hard Rock the way it should be played" and maybe that`s even a better description. And now, "Let`s Get The Party Started": Well, basically there is not much else to say than what I have already said about the opener - A Hard Rock anthem at its best!
In the middle of the 5-track EP awaits us the title track "Anthem For The Young`n`Restless" - and with this catchy song, the guys from Helsinki truly surpass themselves! No wonder that there was a music video shot for this song right away and that various Finnish celebrities wanted to participate in it. On that note, you should really hurry up with the purchase of the EP before it`s completely sold out like their previous EP "Another Rush Of Adrenaline". The latter is also the reason why "We`re Aiming High", their so far biggest hit, has been added as a bonus-track. Before that, there is the beautiful semi-ballad "Don`t Run Away", followed by "Hostile Shakedown" - another rock song that isn`t exactly "balls to the wall" but solid anyway.

Conclusion: If you are bored to death by listening to the always same old songs of Mötley Crüe and co. but seriously interested in that genre and don`t know what to do with parody like Steel Panther and / or the cheesiness of Reckless Love, then "Anthems For The Young`n`Restless" is very probably the record you have been waiting for so long! And if Santa Cruz continue their development at cyberspeed as before, they will be very soon very, very big...

Stefanie Singh

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