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Titel / Title Embrace The End  
Label FinestNoise 
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Bloodspot from Limburg, Germany have made a name for themselves already. They have played numerous live shows, also in well known venues like the Nachtleben in Frankfurt or the Backstage in Munich; and together with genre stars like Cataract or Six Reasons to Kill. Now they give us their new work, which is at the same time also their first full-length record. It has 11 stunning tracks on it but the intro and outro will astonish you the most. Maybe one or the other will think, “Fuck! What the hell is that? What did go wrong?”

Alright it starts with In Nighttime and what you get to hear is a strong wind and heavy rain that pelts hard against the window, then a dog barks and you can hear rumbling thunder far away. Then the noise of a radio or a gramophone turns up. A male voice starts singing a very old song, the stylus starts to skip and the last words are repeated over and over again. That´s when you get back to reality, accompanied by the hard tunes of „Breathless“. The song´s brutal guitar riffs remind you that you are actually listen to a heavy Death/Thrash Metal album.

It goes on like this with cool, fast picked guitars, hard hit drums and the deep growls of Dom. The whole record is full of energy, power and altogether very well done. The only thing I don´t like are Dom´s high screams. My favourites are: Rise From Depravity and Unborn, which have a very awesome sound. At the end, there is the only instrumental titled Venus. It starts again with the thunderstorm from the beginning, then it turns into a slow and beautiful guitar piece that is really calming you down. Those who listen to this song with headphones should not get scared because all of a sudden, the soft guitar passages are superimposed by a frightening roll of thunder. Not that the guys didn´t already prove that they know what they are doing but Venus tops it once again. A recommendable record that could, however, still be a bit better here and there.

Sandy Mahrer

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