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Opaque Buff

Titel / Title Street Decadence  
Label unsigned 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In the German language, there is this saying that some things are so bad that they are almost good. Opaque Buff are such a case. Well, to be honest, I was surprised when I figured out during my research that there was a line-up change at the mike in the year of 2010. The voice that surfaces after the intro of the opener "Red Lights" reminds me of a scenario in the "Sesame Street", especially during the chorus of the song: Oscar looks out of the trash can and starts to sing and within a few seconds, Kermit, the Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie and all the other characters from the cast are participating in that happening. It simply puts a huge grin upon your face and you just ask yourself: "Are they serious?!?"

The most amazing thing is the fact that the predecessor of "singer, songwriter and Sleaze icon Dallas" (quote of the band) had a much better voice, and so the question about their seriousness emerges again. If the quintet from the Finnish Capital Helsinki is really serious about their music, they should call their old singer Kim Burley or look for someone else for the vocals because the voice of Dallas just sounds like... Well, as already described: Like a singing stuffed animal doll from the "Sesame Street". And as the voice is somehow always in the foreground, it`s hard to say anything about the rest of the songs. Maybe tracks like "Red Lights", "Sex Addict", "Eye For An Eye" and "Don`t Say You Need Me" wouldn`t be that bad if the band had a capable man at the mike. But what if Opaque Buff intend to be part of the genre, to which Steel Panther and Reckless Love belong? Well, in that case, I must say that they do an absolutely fabulous job! While listening to this record, I have to grin again and again. And it also worked the second, third, fourth time when I listened to "Street Decadence" and thus, more often than in the case of Reckless Love or Steel Panther. And as laughter is the best medicine, especially in this dark season, there are five shiny points for their third EP. I can`t believe it myself - but I`m serious...

Stefanie Singh

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