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Titel / Title A Force To Recognize 
Label Inverse Records 
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The debut of the Finns Mesetiah The Purpose Of Our Existence (2009) had raised STALKERs attention already, and the guysī last names seem to indicate that itīs 2 sets of brothers who make noise here. The opening title track indicates what will be coming - Old School Death Metal plus Thrash riffs, groove dominates, spiced up with a good dose of blast beats. The guys from Kokkola mention e.g. Pantera, Crowbar, Six Feet Under as influences, and a mix of those would be the best way to describe the music. Technically top, the guys have what it takes - I just like them better when itīs less Old School (Eaten By The Sun) and rather Thrash (Bones in the Basement, The Inevitable). Razorblades for Breakfast and No Rest for the Dead have a real sick ear-candy-appeal. But itīs only Gruesome Blues that sticks out - my personal highlight: all elements mentioned plus pretty melodic riffs and other effects ("Slide"-guitar), which disrupts the genre limitations - and this might be the way to go in the future... As I am not quite convinced that Mesetiah have found their style with this CD here - but they are on the best way. For genre fans itīs surely a recommendation.

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Klaudia Weber

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