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Titel / Title Greetings, Changeling  
Label FinestNoise 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Berlin trio Pitpony, who´ve already rocked the underground scene since 2008, recently released their second album. According to the band info, their sound is a mixture of Postrock, Noiserock, Hardcore, with a pinch of electro, a hint of Psychedelic and a bit of Dub.

Already with the first track ”Greetings, Changeling“ all hell is let loose. And one is flabbergasted to find out that Steff is not only the singer but he´s also the drummer of the band. Apparently, men ARE able to multitask, Steff is the ultimate proof. Also Flo (guitar) and Markus (bass) immediately show off their string-striking skills. The second song „A Thought for Sore Minds“ shines with cool guitar riffs and groovy, danceable sounds. And so it goes on.

My favourite is „Avarage“ -- a great piece with rocking guitars. Almost the same sound is used on „Shotgun Love Song“. Until track six you really can´t say anything bad about the record and I would have wished that it goes on like this, with that power, fast and groovy. But from track seven on, only slow songs follow and they do not impress me at all. As always this is a matter of taste, so listen to “Greetings, Changeling” and decide for yourselves.

Sandy Mahrer

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