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Titel / Title The Third Cage 
Label Frontiers Records 
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In the last few years, Dario Mollo made himself an internationally known name in the Heavy Metal Scene as a songwriter and producer. Through his collaboration with artists like Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple) and Graham Bonnet (ex-Rainbow) in projects like Electric Zoo and Voodoo Hill, he showed that he has the needful know-how to be successful also outside of Italy. With „The Third Cage“, Mollo brings his third album on the market, on which he worked with former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin.

After 10 years, the two got back together again and they did great work. Tony Martin shows what he still has to offer vocally and, how variable his voice still is. But I somehow can´t get rid of the feeling that Mr. Martin most of the time goes to the limits of his capabilities. Dario Mollo, meanwhile, concentrated on songwriting and also played the guitar, bass and keyboard on the album.

The ten songs offer everything that will make especially guitarists´ hearts leap for joy. Sometimes the compositions come across, harshly said, a little bit clumsy. Luckily, this is true for only a few single songs and gets immediately compensated by the next songs every time. Still, I have the feeling that they put more attention to the instrumental parts than the vocal melodies and the vocals themselves. Perhaps it´s because the songwriter is mainly a guitar player and so focuses more on his instruments because he doesn´t know so much about singing. Nevertheless, “The Third Cage“ is for sure worth´s it´s money and another great release from those two artists.

Sandy Mahrer

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