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Lamb of God

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Vö/Release20 Jan 2012 
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The long waited new record from Lamb of God is coming out on January 20th and I have to say that it is pretty damn good. The general wow-effect from LoG comes from their brutal, loud sound, which sounds like a soundtrack to an epic slaughter, yet the music is incredibly technical -without going to the extent of musical masturbation in the form of solo after solo, like Children of Bodom does. This is the trademark sound of LoG and they didn´t change a working system. Luckily.

LoG has, however, broadened their horizons in their latest production; the opening track has a strong doomish element to it and a lot of the times there are switches between the different Metal elements, going from doom to grind and back to death metal. Furthermore, they strongly lean back to their hardcore punk past in tracks like “Invictus”. To sum it up, there are some tracks that could have been worked out better, but there are brilliant tracks in there, like "Insurrection" –which actually sounds incredibly similar to Hypocrisy, not just due to the singing, but because of the whole composition.

On the first listening there seem to be some irregularities within the songs. They switch between different rhythms and at first glance it looks like the transition from one to the next is a bit clumsy, but after few rounds, one sees methods in the madness. This already a sign of a good record –songs that don´t open up immediately tend to last the longest on the playlist.

Unfortunately there are some glitches in some of the songs. “Guilty”, for instance sounds clumsy when it comes to vocals; somehow they don´t really fit in with the instruments. Furthermore, the lyrics to “Cheated” somehow stick out like a sore thumb; I normally tend to ignore lyrics, especially if they´re growled incomprehensibly, but in this case it is almost impossible.

This is arguably the best record from Lamb of God, ´nuff said.

Ozzy Aikas

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