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Primal Fear

Titel / Title Unbreakable 
Label Frontiers Records 
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Those who buy an album of Primal Fear know what they want - and they get it: pure Heavy Metal! “Unbreakable” is no disappointment regarding this point either. The “German Metal Commando” delivers 11 new tracks. These 11 tracks are, at first, not so easy on the ear as their earlier material from “Nuclear Fire” and “Seven Seals”. But with every listen, the songs grow more and more. It is also nice to notice that Primal Fear use all options this genre has to offer to create an interesting and varied album that every headbanger simply has to like. So we can find everything from Speed Metal (“Strike” and the superb “Unbreakable part2”), mid tempo (“Metal Nation”) and also kitsch-free ballads (“Born Again” and the bombastic “Where Angels die”).

There are three more things to note: 1. The production is really state of the art: powerful and rough. 2. It seems that the eagle was finally banned from the lyrics. 3. Some songs sound, due to their vocals, much like Judas Priest that´s interesting because Ralf Scheepers was once considered as a possible replacement of Rob Halford when he left the band (just listen to “Give em Hell” an “Conviction”).

Timo Päßler

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