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Titel / Title True Stories Based On Lies  
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In order to act as a warm-up for another band, Pasi (vocals and lead guitar), Teemu (guitar), Ville (bass) and Tuomas (drums) formed the project “Punkstar Outtakes” in a cold, sleety night in Helsinki. As it was clear that they are punks and also stars, the "Punkstar" was removed from the bandname quite soon - but the band itself exists to this day and now even comes around with their first album "True Stories Based On Lies". Whether the title of the album also refers to the band biography? Who knows. In any case, the quartet doesn`t want to reinvent the wheel of Punk Rock but just keep it rolling and, by doing so, have a good time and rock like there is no tomorrow. For these rather modest pretensions, "Someone Like You" is a surprisingly great start: The riffs are rocking, the very catchy chorus, too... In short: The opener has everything a real hit needs!

Another outstanding song is "Stone Hearted" whose atmosphere is a bit reminiscent of End Of Green`s "Highway 69". Outtakes goes Goth Rock? No, unfortunately not, as is becomes clear after one minute. It`s a little pity that the Finns are dedicated to Punk Rock `cause they have a knack for beautiful Goth Rock melodies as it`s proven later on a second time with "All Those Tears". Apart from that, the debut album really belongs to the chosen genre and it`s sometimes more Punk than Rock. It`s ok but there is more potential in the band than “Scream Punk” like "Mr. Leech" and "Don`t Need To Hang Around With You" - and hopefully they will prove that with one or the other release in the future...

Stefanie Singh

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