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Label Black Bards 
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Cruadalach are one of the top Pagan/Folk Metal bands in their Czech home country and are now on their way to conquer the rest of Europe. At the beginning about 4 years ago, medieval and Celtic themes were the main influences, which is still present in their music today. However, they have developed their own style, a pretty rustic mix of Medieval and Metal, or – let´s try that way – something between Subway To Sally/Saltatio Mortis and Metsatöll/Finntroll. Male and female clean voices – with occasional growls in between – sing in Czech, Croatian and English language, the latter has a special appeal due to a strong accent. The songs are coherent and authentic (due to various traditional instruments like bagpipe, violin, flute) and give you some party feeling. You wanna dance along and forget some of your sorrows (or an annoying traffic jam). I had heard many Pagan bands, and in my opinion this act can easily put up with the top acts in the genre – recommendable!

Jan"Radalf" Vrobel – Vocals
Aleš "Ax" Cipra – Guitar, Vocals
Petra "Ewenica" Jadrná – Schalm, Bagpipe, Flute, Vocals
Tomáš "Ante Mortem" Nejedlý – Guitar
Hanka "Honey" Slanařová – Violin, Vocals
Filip Škrdlík – Violoncello
Ondřej "Bodyremover" Novák – Bass
Michal "Datel" Rak – Drums

Klaudia Weber

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