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Noise Capital

Titel / Title Ghost Army 
Label FinestNoise/Rebeat 
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The press text sounds interesting. It begins with the words: “Noise Capital – without quiet there is no loud, without silence there is no noise”. Noise Capital are supposed to be four musicians, who “laid down their egos or never had an ego at all”. Their sound is described as “modern, alternative rock -- uncompromisingly arranged and played”. Additionally, their 2010 EP Majestic is reviewed like this: “fat guitar riffs meet intelligently played drumming and wickedly well played bass lines”. According to that review, the songs of Noise Capital are “true power plays”. Weird that you don´t get to hear anything like this on their new record.

During the first two songs, which both sounds almost identical, I start to hope that the next song „Limousines“ comes with a little bit more diversity – and it does. But song number four “Play Along“ sounds exactly like the ones before again. The next song is aptly named „Overbored“ because that´s exactly what I am now, too. And over and over again these odd wishy-washy vocals that are boring as sin. They have always the same intonation and timing. At the end of the record, a little bit more life comes to the music but vocal-wise it all stays the same. Much as I´d like to have an understanding for the fact that everyone should do what he/she likes most but in this case, the end result is just plain boring.

Sandy Mahrer

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