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Titel / Title Deathmask 
Label Spinefarm Records 
Total run time
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What is the musical equivalent to a wrecking ball? Well, it must be pretty much like this quintet from Seinäjoki, Finland - don´t get deceived by this atmospheric prologue with digeridoo and a monologue on the topic "human race is the cancer of the world" ... a concept album? Well, in this case you´d not require any lyrics about apocalyptic scenarios - the music alone will lay waste to everything nearby... a Grind, technical Death and Melo-Metalcore crossover, I´d say, and occasionally there are some more "relaxed" grooving parts (Cataclysm Catharsis). Despite the overall aggressive orientation, there is plenty of variation so that some tracks gain a weird "ear candy" quality (I am God, Virus Design). This "washing machine" rhythm (Resistance) even has me think of good old Benediction.... the album is a bit short with it´s 35min, the only minus so far - because this reckless brutaly of this band has a freshness to it, you simply cannot help smiling (dirty). Some wanna-be-brutal-US bands could learn a lesson here...

Jonne Soidinaho - Vocals
Arttu Hakanen - Guitar
Henri Yli-Rahko - Drums
Anssi Rissa - Guitars
Niko Mäenpää - Bass

1. Prologue: Origins
2. Contamination
3. Cataclysm Catharsis
4. Resistance
5. Cadence of Insects
6. 2000 Years
7. Virus Design
8. I am God
9. Catatonic State
10. Omega Hour
11. Apathy Patterns
12. Epilogue: Towers

Klaudia Weber

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