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Titel / Title Munsalvaesche 
Label CODE666  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Well, sometimes you should read the CD info beforehand... or maybe not, because „unknowingly“ I wasn´t that off: „a mixture of soundtrack / drama / classic-orchestral medieval Metal / Gregorian Church chorals“, „a modern troubadour“. Enid alias Martin Wiese, who was recording this album pretty much all by himself, transformed the medieval novel “Parzival“ by Wolfram von Eschenbach into something (according to the info) „medieval, cinematic, metallic, epic“. And there´s not much to be added to that – an appealing mostly clean voice (occasional Growls, e.g. in the title track which is a mini-opera in itself) dominates a rather meditative mood; the Epic-Black-Metal past of this band is still present in some tough riffs and Goth-Darkwave sounds, and ear candy like Condwiramurs or the final Sheafs of Sparks could easily be disguised as „Christian Rock/Pop“ and thus smuggled into radio charts. A remarkable and emotional album that Enid offers here after 7 years of silence. And although some parts are perhaps a bit too calm/meditative for me, this CD will surely rotate in my player more often.

1. Red Knight 2. Legends From The Storm 3. Belrapeire 4. Munsalvaesche 5. Condwiramurs 6. The Journey 7. Valley Under Two Suns 8. Sheafs Of Sparks

Martin Wiese – Music, Orchestration, Synths, Piano, Vocals
Session musicians:
Henrik Hamann – Guitars (also in Eïs)
Vera Wiese-Herzhoff – Violoncello
Lykrates Vyron – Drums (also in Eïs)

Klaudia Weber

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