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If Primus and System of a Down had a baby with some random Thrash Metal band and the movie “A Clockwork Orange“, the little fellow would most likely be called Schmorf. The Finnish sextet has a certain way of “smiling violence“ to their sound, which, however, is never going into extremes that would tear a wholesome picture apart.

Exploring fields of death metal and thrash metal, that certain SOAD-ish sound and some very nice melodic, almost “the calm after the storm“ parts, Schmorf throws the listener right into battle on their 3-track EP „NONAME“. While a wild mixture of genres can become quite a stereotype on its own, Schmorf manage to explore vast fields of diversity and still maintain a unique sound. “Stupidity is intelligence“, as their motto goes. Sounds about right.

I personally enjoyed the EP very much, although I can imagine that people might find the vocals a bit “too off“ as with System of a Down or Primus. After three spins, I, however, find myself quite accustomed to the unusual sound, and after finishing this review, I will definitely check out their back catalogue.

Stefan Herkenhoff

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