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Sangre Eterna

Titel / Title Asphyxia 
Label Maple Metal Records 
Total run time
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Finnish music weeks at Stalker yet again? Not this time! SANGRE ETERNA hail from Serbia. They, however, not only share their love for everything that can´t do without umlauts with the highly praised land in the north but also their musical intentions. Thus, it´s unsurprising that, on Asphyxia, you can find one or the other name on the guest list that doesn´t end on –ic. Tapio Wilska (ex-Finntroll), the Kylmänen brothers or Aleksi Sihvonen of Norther have been successfully swallowed up and integrated into the band. What came out in the end was an album that even though it heavily reminds of Norther´s Death Unlimited (especially The Masquerade), it still has a very straight flow towards New Death Metal.

The style of the Serbians is characterised by relaxed song structures, which can do very well without any fiddly penis extensions in the form of guitar solos, a fat production and the very impressing vocal chords of keyboarder Ilija, who effortlessly switches between heavy growls and baritonous clean vocals. Awesome shouter, respect! Also as a unit, this Serbian squadron runs like a well-oiled machine and there´s hardly anything to criticise. Maybe the guestlist could be a bit shorter with the next output, and they could pull one or two more hits out of their hats, then we´ll have a superior quality Slivovitz that deserves a place next to premium products like Norther, Lost Dream and even Soilwork in every well-assorted CD rack.

Recommended tracks: The Masquerade, Alessa`s Dream

01. The End of Beauty
02. The Masquerade (feat. Aleksi Sihvonen (Norther)
03. Confession and Death (feat. Tapio Wilska (ex-Finntroll, ex-Nightwish)
04. Illusions of Fate
05. Seventh Angel
06. The Echoes of My Loss (feat. Jovana Karajanov (Tales of Dark...)
07. Shattered Sun (Prologue)
08. Lut Gholein
09. Alessa´s Dream
10. Asphyxia
11. Seventh Angel (rock version) - feat. Juha Kylmänen (For my Pain) & Jarmo Kylmänen (Eternal Tears of Sorrow)


Ilija Stevanovic - Keyboards, Vocals
Bora Jovanovic - Guitar
Milos Armus - Drums
Zoltan Kovacs - Guitar
Davor Menzildzic - Bass


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