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Titel / Title Emotional Fire 
Label Frontiers Records 
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“Emotional Fire“ is the third album released by Sunstorm. Three years after the previous release “House of Dreams“, they are back with a real beautiful album. Unfortunately, it is often the case that Melodic Rock sounds too similar and plain, songs are predictable and you often have the feeling that “I have heard that already before“ or “I know this song from somewhere“. That´s why this genre is likely to get you bored very quickly. However, this record changes this impression, right from the first tone you know that nothing´s gonna be plain and predictable here. The compositions are full of feelings (something that is missing from many bands nowadays), you can feel the songs even when you might not understand the lyrics. The tunes coupled with the incomparable voice of Joe Lynn Turner, who breathes a distinctive quality into the songs like always, makes the record a real masterpiece.

On the album, the band also revived some old classics of Michael Bolton, with which Joe Lynn Turner was originally involved as a background singer: “Gina“ and the song “Emotional Fire“ that was written for Cher´s album „Heart of Stone“. You have to say that they revitalised the originals, and personally I like the new versions better. Only one thing left to say: This is how a melodic rock album should sound like!

Sandy Mahrer

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