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Titel / Title Posthumanbigbang 
Label unsigned 
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If a debut album of a Swiss band called “Posthumanbigbang”, who describe themselves as a blend of “hardcore-heavy riffs, growls, clean vocals, acoustic, mellow moments and electronic elements“ hits your desk, you know you are in for a surprise. Yet, you would not expect it to be that positive. Posthumanbigbang deliver an album that brings up quite some hope for the things still to come from that band. The quintet, which was formed around the two masterminds Remo & Patrick Häberli (yep, they´re brothers), has managed to create a great mix of mild and wild. Only a few bands did that before, at least in this quality.

Their sound reminds me of The Old Dead Tree, Opeth, old Anathema and Ghost Brigade with added hardcore vibes and even some folky touches. Quite a big stretch but the band manages to maintain a certain feel throughout the whole album. I personally had a little trouble to get accustomed to the Swiss accent in the singer´s clean singing, and I also thought that the last few tracks lacked the depth of the first couple of tracks. But this is criticism on a rather high level. Every lover of diverse music, be it hardcore, progressive or whatever, should give this band a listen. I did, and I enjoyed it very much!

Stefan Herkenhoff

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