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Amberian Dawn

Titel / Title Circus Black 
Label Spinefarm Records 
Total run time

“Circus Black”, the fourth album of Amberian Dawn and successor of „End of Eden“ (2010)l, presents the Finns in their usual genre Symphonic Metal. The cover reminds you strongly of the recently released Nightwish album „Imaginaerum“: the circus tent entrance in its design looks way too similar to their colleagues´ amusement park album cover. Also musically it seems that Amberian Dawn take their colleagues as an example: admittedly it´s not that bombastic, but they didn´t skimp on orchestral and soundtrack parts.

As previously on End of Eden, they invited a couple of guest musicians, for example Timo Kotipelto, who takes on vocal parts with “Cold Kiss”, and his Stratovarius colleague Jens Johansson was responsible for a keyboard solo on “Crimson Flower”.

Business as usual, also when it comes to Heidi Parviainen´s singing. On the last record I already wished for more variation in the vocals because in the long run this siren singing simply becomes boring. Heidi controls it more than well, without a doubt, but despite of the different melody arrangements and guitar solos, the vocals always sound almost the same. Therefore, I wish for more EVEN MORE variety, not only vocalwise but also musicwise.

Sandy Mahrer

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