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Titel / Title Satanic Pop Metal 
Label twilight 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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I haven´t heard anything of this band from Kiev, formed in 1997, even though “Satanic Pop Metal“ is already their fifth record. I simply found the press text interesting and I was positively surprised. Death-Metal meets Electro-pop with the familiar deep growls and a tender females voice. Who now suspects that the only lady in the band sings, is wrong, because Anna or Anima finds her place behind the drums. And, even today, this still ensures a Wow effect because it´s so rare. But she does a good job, from my viewpoint. If she is also responsible for the gentle vocal parts on the record „Satanic Pop Metal“ after all, I sadly couldn´t find out. But these female vocals combined with the hard growls of Rutarp and Hannibal give the songs a personal touch.

Musically, the Ukrainians are somewhere between Turmion Kätilöt and Deathstars. It wont get boring and there are enough beats to shake a leg. Especially the songs “Sweet Suicide“ and “Tak, Kurwa“(which can be downloaded on the band website for free) impress with catchy melodies. That guys can play soft tones, too is proved with „Loneliness“ and „Redire“. With this record, Semargl should manage to stick out of your ´garden variety´ Death bands. A clear “Tak, Kurwa“(Yes, Bitch) to their new record.

Sandy Mahrer

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