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Titel / Title Structures in Chaos 
Label Non Serviam Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Fellow music journalist Albrecht of ROCK HARD wrote many years ago about the drumming of Donald Tardy (Obituary), basically: “…it´s as if King Kong does a 100 metres race and the sound of his clashing balls is the bass drum”. TEMPLE probably threatened their King Kong with castration, judging from how he puts his feet into action. I haven´t heard such an accurate high-speed double bass performance in a long time, it´s simply a pleasure. So, you can´t really call TEMPLE, who originally started out as a project of A. J. van Drenth (Beyond Belief) and Rachel Heyzer (ex-Sinister), ´children of the slow or quiet note´ – what they make of their ambitions truly borders on perfectionism. “Structures in Chaos” is an unapologetic and brute homage to the good old times when Death Metal did well without keyboards and not every business buffoon knew who James Hetfield is.

Recommendations are like the famous hole in the head. TEMPLE celebrate Death Metal in its purest form like Sinister, Benediction, the old Brutal Truth or Gorefest. A wicked record with a highly polished production!

01. Rituals of Marduk
02. Higher Perfection
03. The Algol Planet
04. Cover Her in Blood
05. Dead Sun Festival 6 Spiritual Development
07. Among Raven
08. Matagatsubi
09. Multiverse (Another Time and Space)

Recording musicians:
A.J. van Drenth - Guitars, Vocals, Samples
Michiel Dekker - Bass
Eric de Windt - Drums

Guest vocals:
Marloes (Izegrim)
Stephan Gebedi (Thanatos, Hail of Bullets)
Masae (Debt of Nature)
Sonja (Dictated)
Sven (Dictated)
Michiel Dekker (The Monolith Deathcult)


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