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Black Light Discipline

Titel / Title Against Each Other 
Label Raw Entertainment/Danse Macabre 
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"Against the World" is what the Finns Black Light Discipline are chanting in the opening track of the new album - well, I guess they won´t face too much resistance ... This second full-length CD "Against Each Other" continues the style of the impressive "Empire" debut, with captivating Industrial beats, powerful Metal riffs and melodies so sweet and sinister at the same time, interpreted by a versatile vocalist who pulls of smooth-seductive-dark clean as well as evil-into-your-face shouts ...

Sometimes you hear "a good band, but they need a hit" - well, not the case for BLD. Just like Empire, there seems to be a whole string of hits on the CD - hypnotic rhythms you just have to move along with, tunes you find yourself whizzling in the street, on the way on the train, or worse, IN the train... so be warned of the song "Serenity", it´s a highly infectious piece of ear candy, garnished with such sweet heartbreaking string-parts (thanks to Dmitry Casper Rishka from Russian band Dominia) and catch phrases you cannot get out of your head for days to come ("I´m serene, sereeee-ni-tyyyy"...).

Actually, I noticed that the lyrics are perhaps a bit easier to digest (& to shout along) in comparison with the Empire album... Which means, immediate danger of getting hooked immediately, you want to hear those songs over and over again... be it those tough Metal riffs of "Red Rivers" or "Aggressor", the softer melancholic "Waiting For The Rain", the Electro-Trance-like "Being&Ending" or "Walls Inside Us", which features a certain Disco-flair, just like the 80s classic "Self Control" cover (which was chosen via facebook fan poll). Guest vocalists Anton Rosa (also from Dominia), Tuire Parviainen and Karoliina Kallio add even more flavour to this already tasty and diverse musical mix.

Summing up, this CD should come in a "WARNING - HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!" wrapping (which would actually go nicely with cover motive) - so don´t fight, just surrender ...

Track listing:
1. Against Each Other
2. Walls Inside Us
3. Red Rivers
4. Flies Over the Wreck
5. Serene
6. Being and Ending
7. Self Control
8. Aggressor
9. Closer to the Sun

Black Light Discipline:
Toni Valha – vocals
Janne Kankkunen – synths
Joonas Pulkkinen– guitar
Veikka Jokela – drums
Jani Rissanen - bass

Klaudia Weber

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