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Pompei Nights

Titel / Title Rather Die Than Livin` In Boundaries  
Label Street Symphonies  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Looking at Pompei Nights from the Swedish capital Stockholm you immediately see that the `whole package` is just outstanding: The unique "Nicke Andersson meets Sleaze Rock" sound, the perfect Sleaze look... Oh, no, wait: Joey Eden (Vocals), Matt Cosby (Guitar), Olli Cox (Guitar), Rob Cole (Bass) and Devlin (Drums) don`t want to have anything to do with Sleaze or even Glam Rock. That`s what they very recently told us in an interview ("No Sleaze, no Glam - Just Rock`n`Roll!"). Is this kind of dissociation from other bands of that genre really necessary? In fact, already the sound of their debut album "Rather Die Than Livin` In Boundaries" is very unique, mostly thanks to the distinctive vocals of Joey Eden. Therefore it`s rather unlikely that the quintet will sink into oblivion as soon as the still ongoing wave of Crashdïet clones is over. The only thing Pompei Nights really have to do with Crashdïet is the collaboration with their guitarist Martin Sweet, who was in charge of the production. A very successful collaboration.

Considering the individual songs, the first single "Midnight Mistress" and "I Want It" are the ones that stick out most. The two catchy rock songs have, for a long time, been the only tracks available on the band`s myspace profile. Now with the full-length album in the stereo, I have to say: There aren`t any bad songs on "Rather Die Than Livin` In Boundaries" and you can listen to the record over and over again without getting tired of it, but for more hits a la "Midnight Mistress" and "I Want It" you are, unfortunately, waiting in vain. Nevertheless, the debut album was temporarily sold out and that`s quite something for a total newcomer band.

If two hits are not reason enough for you to buy this CD, you should anyway keep an eye on Pompei Nights `cause if the guys stay on the ball, this impressive debut might be just the small beginnings of something very big...

Stefanie Singh

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