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Hollywood Burnouts

Titel / Title Excess All Areas 
Label Rock Road Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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“Excess All Areas“ is the debut album of the band Hollywood Burnouts, who prove that there are also German bands capable of playing Sleaze Rock. The three guys Mike, Nikki and Vito, as well as the lady of the group, Chrizzy, already played as a support band for Cinderella and Hardcore Superstars.

That the guys of the quartet are, according to the press text, trained musicians you can easily tell by their almost too clean-sounding guitar riffs and the too synthetically arranged songs. To be classified as Sleaze, the songs are maybe almost too structured; except for Mike`s voice there isn`t anything punk-y about the music. So, his not very clean vocals are the only thing that reminds of all the familiar Sleaze bands at all.

But “Excess All Areas” is still worth a listen, even though most songs are lacking that something special. For instance, all my waiting for that one wicked moment when the sound would break from the usual string picking and singing to give me an unexpected surprise was in vain. Maybe next time, they should just dare more and just let it go and let themselves go and rebel, just as it is the custom with Sleaze Rock. For now, the whole thing sounds still just too restrained and controlled to me. A wise man once said: “Music is mostly doing - it`s not too much thinking!” This knowledge is still missing here.

Sandy Mahrer

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