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Black Messiah

Titel / Title The Final Journey 
Label AFM / Hear The Music  
Total run time
56 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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A very, very rare phenomenon should put Black Messiah into a certain state of uniqueness. What am I talking about? I´m talking about crystal clear, easy-to-understand vocals. Much unlike many of their peers, you understand every single word coming out of Zagan´s awesomely mangy throat. Matching the whiskey-soaked vocal cords is the unholy 2/4-beat play of his comrades that doesn´t leave much to be desired. Typical pagan tempi without them resorting to any static bashing, decently lush keyboard sounds and slight overtriggering of the double bass animate me, in a pleasantly discreet way, to turn the volume up.

Musically, The Final Journey is surprisingly varied and epic, something that I´m grateful for. Impulsive here, polka-esque there. From the Bathory intro to the metal anthem or just everything in one. Black Messiah know their pagan, that´s for sure. The ultimate proof: Der Ring Mit Dem Kreuz lasting more than 8 minutes could be the new live favourite of the German heathens and it´s also the track that I recommend most strongly.

Bottom line: Those who like interesting German lyrics but who think that Obscurity are a bit too coarse, will here find just the right measure of party music with heads-up-moments and a high shout along factor. There are only some minor shortcomings with the keyboard sound, which could´ve been way denser, also in general the sound of the Naglfar saga leaves some room for improvement. The latter was probably recorded earlier or so, anyway it does sound a little dry. I, for one, try to counteract that with some beer…


01. Windloni
02. Der Ring Mit Dem Kreuz
03. To Become A Man
04. Into The Unfathomed Tower
(A Tribute To Candlemass)
05. Feld Der Ehre
06. Lindisfarne

The Naglfar Saga

07. Prologue - The Final Journey
08. Mother Hel
09. On Board
10. Sailing Into Eternity

Zagan (vocals, guitar, violin)
Frangus (guitars)
Meldric (guitars)
Garm (bass)
Agnar (keys)
Brööh (drums)


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