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Titel / Title Gravitas 
Label Frontiers Records 
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With „Gravitas“ Furyon only release their debut album but among critics they are already being tipped as promising newcomers. Maybe ´newcomer´ doesn´t really fit here because in their home country, England, they have been known for quite some time.

Already the opener “Disappear again” whets my appetite. Their sound comes across as very fresh and powerful and Matt Mitchell´s voice shines with a rough and wicked style. You can tell that with Chris Green and Pat Heath two guitarists are at work, who concentrate completely on their area of expertise. For that reason, there is also one or the other, sometimes maybe unnecessary, guitar solo on the record. What I personally don´t like are songs, which, because of seemingly endless guitar solos, become absurdly long but that´s the case for five songs on this record that by far exceed the 5-minute mark. I don´t have nothing against long songs but a shorter guitar solo will sometimes do it, too. To make matters worse, here the lyrics are repeated what must be like 500 times or so. So, at some point, you just wish that the song is finally over and a new one begins. Because no-one wants to hear the same song on infinite loop -- not even if it has epic guitar solos en masse.

There´s nothing to object to all the other things on the record. Furyon are surely worth listening to and for all those little guitar heroes, they certainly are good role models.

Sandy Mahrer

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