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Titel / Title New Old Film 
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“New Old Film“ actually was finished back in 2010, but still it´s released only now as the debut record of Syntonic. The band consists of singer and guitarist Rocco Harzbecker, Sandra Harzbecker, who takes on the role of the bassist, and Christian Baakes on drums. Musically the band from North-Rhine Westphalia (Germany) is hard to classify, in their band biography they say it is Post-Rock. I think they just mix everything together of what they think that it will sound good, without thinking about genres too much.

I honestly have to say that the first song “Umbrella” almost swept me off my feet, but in a negative way. I noticed right away that the voice of Rocco is really pleasant and one can enjoy to listening to it, but in this song the vocal lines and guitars don´t fit the drum sound. It gets better during the next songs, but the way-too progressive drums behind the melodious guitar sound and the vocal melodies feel a bit disturbing every now and then. Either it is intentionally, or the drummer has absolutely no feeling, but I cannot judge here as I have no clue about drumming. What I notice as well is that the songs sound almost the same, so there should be more variety. Creating harmonies should do it for Syntonic, that´s what is still missing from the instruments and the singing. But the approach is already good.

Sandy Mahrer

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