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Titel / Title Unisonic 
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The mere fact that Michael Kiske finally exhibits his vocal talent at 100% again, should make many Hard Rock Fans´ heart beat faster. After he parted ways with Helloween, there wasn´t much to be heard from the charismatic singer but now he´s back with a band of superlatives. As if it wouldn´t have been enough to have Swiss Mandy Meyer, who played for a few years in Gotthard and Krokus, and Dennis Ward as well as Kosta Zafiriou, who normally take care of the right sounds with Pink Cream 69, in the line-up, no, also Kiske´s former band mate, Kai Hansen, is officially member of the band since 2009 and gives proof of his guitar skills on the debut record from Unisonic.

I really can´t say what it is that makes Kiske a good singer because usually I don´t like high, clear voices like his. But maybe it is because, at least on his records, you get the feeling he is singing for his life. He conveys every human feeling, no matter if its vitality, sorrow or love (with those yearning love songs), he just gives the songs a very special feeling.

It´s no use, therefore, to discuss every single song here because I couldn´t say anything else but “It just kicks ass”. What awaits the listener on “Unisonic” are powerful Hard Rock anthems as well as one or the other quiet song. With the latter, you can hear the Hamburg guy´s expressive voice best. This creation of the quintet is already now on everyone´s lips and should easily meet the high expectations of fans and critics. We can only hope that we will soon have the chance to admire the squad live on stage, too.

Sandy Mahrer

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