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Titel / Title Faces 
Label unsigned 
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Clayskin is an unsigned Finnish band from Turku who focus on heavy rock with melodic singing. After over a decade of playing together, time was right for their first album “Faces” to be recorded and released out into the world. Some of the songs have been previously released as demos or singles, but the band wanted to record the final versions and in a way be done with them. On the album they also play in their original lineup once again, as guitarist Veikko Wahlroos rejoined them after a few years´ break.

According to their guitarist, Jami Takala, they don´t play for a particular crowd or in a particular genre, but instead they aim to play music that they themselves like. And based on what I´ve seen and heard on their gigs, there are people who share their tastes. It seems to me that the band´s wish for a record deal in the future wouldn´t be unreasonable. With a bit of luck they could get to places. These guys do know their stuff.

The album is a 10-song proof of the fact that Clayskin means serious business. The songs are cut to their bare essentials, there are no extra gimmicks or unnecessary tricks. The band relies on clear choruses that often have a catchy hook to them . Songs like Mouth of Arrogance and Day of Silence are certainly potential ear candy material, in a positive sense! I find myself humming the chorus of Mouth of Arrogance the most.

Even though I do like the fact that the songs are “straight to the point” and even on the short side (mostly under or about 4 minutes per track), I have to say I would enjoy a bit more of a build-up in some songs. A few themes would deserve a bit more time before the song rolls into the chorus. Perhaps I´m just being greedy, but I´d like some more! The lyrics are quite a bit on the dark side, but there´s power to them. It´s worth mentioning that the lyrics of Day of Silence were written by the vocalist, Sami Koskinen, for his young son.

All in all the album sounds honest and sturdy, like a proper rock album should. The professional musicians out there will probably hear immediately that the album is produced and paid for by the band itself, but for an amateur like myself, it doesn´t take away any of the appeal of the material. If it´s a bit rough around the edges, it´s fine with me.

Clayskin is:
Sami Koskinen – vocals
Jami Takala – guitar, vocals
Eerik Rantapere – bass, vocals
Kalle Saarinen – drums
Veikko Wahlroos – guitar, vocals

The album Faces is available at or by contacting

Johanna Ahonen

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