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For the Imperium

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Yes, they are Finns. No, it´s nothing connected with (Melodic) Death or Symphonic (female voice) Metal, or – maybe all of it?
Well, the band info already warns you that describing the music of For The Imperium is a difficult-next-to-impossible task, thus I don´t know if I can vaguely succeed here. The first of 11 tracks named ”Ignition” indeed explodes with riffs, rythms, screams/growls and clean vocals all over your sound system, the chaos is kept at bay, though, and turns into a quite classic-Rock song structure with beautiful vocal lines. The following tracks continue this attitude an bring e.g. Metal-core / Speed Metal / Punk / Pop / lounge music elements to the wild and violent sound mix, like Faith no More on acid. Or Waltari, next generation. Or a Metal-HC-Punk version of Frank Zappa´s Mothers of Invention. Or something like that. A bit stressful to listen to, admittedly. In between you get some calm moments, like the epic ballad Hero – Neu! Or a pretty straight-forward Punk/Emo songs ”Working Class Heroine” and ”Pike River”. Crazy, unpredictable - therefore a bit difficult to say if this is a good or bad album - well, it´s definitely not boring. For The Imperium – for the adventurous listeners. Definitely.

Hakim Hietikko - vocals
Ville Suorsa - guitars
Jyri Helko - bass
Tuomas Rauhala - drums

Klaudia Weber

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