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Titel / Title Pyrophoric 
Label Indie Records 
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Mencea is the Greek band, which committed itself to progressive Metal with their latest album, "Pyrophonic" and thus showed that aggression can be transformed into insane music. My opinion is that this is better than every demonstration, but no reason to up on the screws, of course. But back to the album.

The catchy bits are occasionally similar to bands like Opeth or Nile without copying them. Subtle melodies, nice riffs, which remind one of Gojira, impulsive drums and a whole lot of grimness are the strengths of the album. However, unlike Gojira -with whom they have performed with- they have a big downside: the vocals. Vlasis Ziouvas´ continuously monotonic growls smother down the otherwise instrumental finesse. A bit more diversification, emphasis and emotion from Ziouvas would bring Mencea a big step closer to the olympus of their genre. As a tip for the tracks, I´d say „Phosphorus“, „CCC“ and the strong title track „Pyrophoric“.

Samira Alinto

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